We are RP Outsourcing

Committed to handling all accounting and taxation needs of our customers as if we were an in house finance department which is dedicated and continuously works for the growing needs of its customers and growing with them.

Pranjali Mehta

B.Com & Chartered Accountant

A professional certificate from ICAI, Pranjali is a hard working woman who has obtained a CA certificate on her first attempt. Having experience of various accounting practices from traditional bookkeeping to managing and working in cost & budgeting SAP based ERP system. She is well versed with different nuances of how companies operating in different sectors manage their accounts.

She leads our team of well trained professionals and is in charge of making sure that our customers are satisfied of how we handle their accounts with fluid, fast & precise work.

Rohan Mehta

Computer Engineer & MBA in International Business

A passionate and humble entrepreneur with versatile skills and rich experience. Rohan has set up and has successfully run a manufacturing business which requires a deep technical understanding of Electrical & Mechanical Engineering. With us he is in charge of Marketing, Sales, IT Operations & Networking. With his ability in dealing with many unforeseen circumstances in operations, he is in charge of making sure that all online and offline operations of our company run smoothly.

Rohan is also there 24×7 for any issues or queries that our customers have and to make sure all the work is done as per the customer’s requirement. Committed and having expertise to deliver in an environment where demographic boundaries are blurred because of technology and providing optimum service.


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