Bank & Credit Card Reconciliation

Bank & Credit Card statement need to be reconciled monthly in order to verify that all transactions are recorded properly as cash receipts, cash disbursements and journal entry adjustments. Without regular on time reconciliation we can miss out on key transactions that can throw our account books off balance and the account managers into a frenzy trying to find that one small error.

Regardless reconciliation statements is a tedious, laborious & time consuming process. We at RPOS who are completely dedicated to managing and taking care of all your accounting needs are very well aware of the necessity to perform reconciliations and will do so for our customers at very cost effective rates that they will find is worth saving their time over.

RPOS makes sure that all transactions have been recorded properly to negate chances of:

  • Any fraudulent transactions
  • Making sure no unauthorised transactions were made
  • Avoiding any unnecessary embarrassment from vendors or suppliers by bounced cheques
  • Avoiding charges for insufficient funds and using line of credit when it was not needed