Inventory management and reconciliation

Managing all components in your inventory so that your company has proper stocks of all the materials, semi-finished & finished goods as and when needed without having to purchase anything extra that can burden your cash flow and line of credit is art. Art requires time and dedication which can be hard to get while running and managing all other components of business even if the focus is on a single department of the business.

RPOS provides a comprehensive service of managing your inventories and giving you timely updates when a particular item is required to be restocked or has become obsolete and needs replacement with or without a SKU system to manage.

Along with managing your accounts we can manage inventory in real time and give our customers timely reports for their inventory management when needed. Inventory reconciliation on a regular basis is also very important for a consistent review and making sure that a company’s financials are accurately depicted in their month end statements.

With one of our founders having experience in setting up and running a manufacturing business that requires a very detailed analysis and accurate management of inventory RPOS has a good systematic approach at handling various unpredictable circumstances when it comes to inventory and trains its employees accordingly to suit their customer’s need of managing the system of keeping stocks accurately.