Payroll management and reconciliation

A core part of managing a successful business is properly managing your human resources. Making sure that employees are paid their salaries on time, reimbursed any expenses they made for the company, distributing bonuses as per company policy properly to maintain employee morale and paying all necessary taxes and returns of the employee that are within a company’s scope and policy.

RPOS makes sure that all necessary calculations of salaries are made from the monthly data it receives from its customers with all reimbursements and other expenses double checked through careful reconciliation of receipts and other data. Providing real time accurate reports of employee life cycle from entry to exit with implementation of best, honest & ethical practices for compensation and legal compliance.

Our pricing varies based on customer’s organisational structure, number of employees, nature of business, etc. in order to provide the most cost effective payroll outsourcing solutions uniquely tailored for each customer.