Accounts Receivable

A well-defined order to cash system can get you timely cash, so that you don’t face unseen the woes of a cash crunch. AR can be a simple phone call or E-mail or a sticky situation in which you might end up filing a lawsuit. But, without proper tackling and cash forecasting it can be a huge mess. RPOS is there for their customers in engaging their customers for proper and timely receipts with a polite yet firm strategy.

We can customise our AR strategy depending our customer’s nature and area of business. We can be help in proper tracking and simple reminders for your customers to get payments or make calls to helping our customers in consulting proper legal professionals for dealing with those troublesome AR situations if any that no business wishes it had.

RPOS firmly believes that if your customer does not make money than neither will we, so we make sure to diligently manage AR for our customers based on out terms of service to the best of our abilities.