Budget & MIS reporting

A business cannot run without proper funds and making a good budget for forecasting required funds in different aspects of a business is very necessary to limit spending as well as debt planning. A detailed summary and customised reports are required for all financial statement items of a business to formulate a good budget.

One of RPOS’s founders has been a key player in the budgeting and MIS division of a corporate spanning across the globe with subsidiaries all over the world. RPOS understands the very need for this crucial part of business and has trained professionals ready for those businesses that require all the quarterly or annual budget planning they need.

RPOS provides on time, readymade MIS reports and our packages can be customised to provide on demand services for changing reports as per our customer’s need. As a business grows this crucial part becomes all the more important and a necessity for the business & RPOS is ready to serve its customers whether they are a growing medium size firm or a large or multinational scale entity.